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Silver Line Compass

Silver Line Compass is a leading manufacturer and exporter of spices since 2000. We have built an international reputation for quality and reliability by adhering to our three main principles: Quality, Pricing and Service. We strive to offer our customers the highest quality products at competitive prices, while providing excellent customer service. Our commitment to quality and service has enabled us to become one of the most respected and trusted suppliers of spices in the world.


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History of spices in India

No other country grows and consumes as many spices as India. With a wide range of climates and topography, the Indian subcontinent has been in the limelight for its spices, fabrics, and luxury goods, which established international trade with many countries with beginnings from the East India Company in the 1,700s. India is one of the largest producers of spices with about 75 varieties out of the 109 listed by the International Organization for Standardization. All throughout history, India has been the largest producer of spices. India had been conquered by the Mughal Empire and then by the British Empire for its rich source of spices, due to the high demand in the western world. Till date, India is one of the largest exporters of spices. In FY-22, India exported ₹290 billion worth of spices.

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